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Job Opportunities in Photochemistry


The following photochemistry job opportunities are being provided for informational purposes only.  No endorsement is implied nor is the accuracy or availability of these listings guaranteed. 

Universidade de Sao Paulo

Please click here to view project details (RIDC Redox processes in biomedicine - Redoxoma).

Universidade de Sao Paulo

Post-doctoral fellowship through Department of Biochemistry, Institute of Chemistry, USP, Brazil.  Project title:  Biomarkers of redox misbalance induced by UVA and VIS radiation on XPC fibroblasts and melanocytes

Abstract: Protection of human skin against sun exposition is a complex issue that involves ambivalent aspects of the interaction of light with tissues. Both UVA and visible radiation causes redox misbalance and cell damage. UVA is considered a class I carcinogen while visible is not, although our and other research groups have provided evidence that it should be considered as such. One of the problems that hinders the proper characterization of the effects of radiation in both UVA and visible is the lack of molecular knowledge that links redox misbalance and mutagenic DNA products. On this project we will use cells models that tend to accumulate the products of redox misbalance because of the lack of DNA repair (XPC fibroblasts) and because of the generation of a stronger burst of redox misbalance (melanocytes with over-expression of melanin). We will use these extreme conditions to identify by mass spectrometry biomarkers that can link the redox misbalance with the mutagenicity.

Applicant expected to have experience with cellular biochemistry and mass spectrometry.  Selection based on the analysis of CV and letters of recommendation.  To apply, please submit a letter justifying interest for the project, CV, copy of doctorate certificate, and recommendation letters to: Prof. Mauricio S. Baptista at baptista@iq.usp.br.

Rutgers University

An immediate postdoctoral opening in the field of synthetic organic/inorganic chemistry is available in the group of Prof. Elena Galoppini at Rutgers University Chemistry Department for projects involving the functionalization of organic and inorganic semiconductors.  The candidate needs to be familiar with organic synthesis, and characterization techniques, preferably along with basic photophysics and electrochemistry skills.  To apply, please submit:  CV (PDF format ), name and contact of 3 references, and date of availability to:  Prof. Elena Galoppini, galoppin@rutgers.edu.  Rutgers University is an equal opportunity employer.  Please note that the group website is not yet updated for the most recent projects.


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